Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interesting Spatial Blogging App

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake is a little know lake on the WDFW land, Big Buck Unit west of Twisp, WA.  You can access it from Deadhorse Lake Rd or Elbow Coulee Rd.  From the ridge about the lake there is a great view of the Sawtooth Range.  We did the loop from Elbow, it was about 6 miles, with 1500 ft of gain, topping out at 3500 ft.  See the RightMAPS!  Methow West Map for details.  Thanks Julie at Methow Cycle and Sport for telling me about this area.
Running Up to Alpine Lake on WDWF land west of Twisp, WA

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ross Lake History and Science

The greater Skagit Watershed Region has a rich environmental and cultural history.  Many scientist/historians have contributed to our understanding of the region.  As we researched to compile our map.  We came across the following resources:

Obviously, the National Park staff do research and preservation in both the social and physical science.  The link takes you to a  recap of their noble efforts.

Science Related: 

Northwest Geology Field Tripss is a great resource.  Geologists, Jon Reidel, Elizabeth Schermer, Ralgh A Haugerud, have all done interesting and resent research in the region.  

 The Skagit Climate Science Consortium is working to understand the climate-related changes occurring in the Skagit basin, the range of changes possible in the future, and how predicted changes relate to the health and well-being of the Skagit community and ecosystem.

History Related:

The Skagit River Journal is a treasure of stories gathered by local historians. 
Washington State's HistoryLink is a great resource you should know about.  
And than, Seattle Municipal Archives has photo and other media about the construction of the Hydropower Projects that created Diablo and Ross Lakes.  Below are some of my favorites from the collection.

Diablo Dam under Construction, Aug 27, 1930.
(Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

Diablo Dam, 1935 testing and Clearing.  When a Dam is completed
engineers often seek to  do some test.  Fill is up and than open a
ll the flood gates, etc.  This was taken during one of the early tests.
(Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

Skagit Valley (before Ross Lake) Looking from current approximately
Ross Lake viewpoint on Hwy 20 looking North.
(Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

Logging Near Hozemeen before the land was flooded.
(Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

2003 Runners' World Article: Bellingham Running Scene

Here is a Cool old Runners World Article about Bellingham's Trail and Running Scene

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Methow Ski Maps.

 MVSTA with donations from the Methow Valley Nordic Club had versions of our map printed and installed at the major trail intersections.  Boy, I like the rustic-style stands.  They seem to be holding up well.